Mining Digital Gold of Tomorrow, Today At Digital Holdings Group, we're reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency mining through a bold integration of advanced technology and renewable energy. Discover how we’re paving the way towards a sustainable financial future.
About us
Company Overview
Established in 2017, Digital Holdings Group rapidly rose to prominence in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining from its base in USA. Our mission has always been to maximize hash rates through the adoption of leading-edge AI technology, positioning Digital Holdings Group at the forefront of efficiency, innovation, and sustainability within the Cryptocurrency mining sector. Our unwavering commitment to these principles has not only fueled our growth but also solidified our reputation as pioneers in the cryptocurrency mining industry.
To drive the evolution of the Cryptocurrency mining industry through innovative technologies, optimizing operations across strategic locations and championing sustainability.
To become the global leader in sustainable cryptocurrency mining, demonstrating that high efficiency and environmental responsibility can coexist successfully.
Our Strategy
Similar to a traditional investment portfolio, our operations are diversified. We operate in multiple countries and states. Depending on the circumstances, we employ various strategies and business models, including outsourcing to third-party hosting providers or self-hosting, to deploy our miners.
Vertically Integrated:
We manage or impact every component of the Cryptocurrency mining technology stack, starting from the mining pool to the ASIC. We run our own mining pool ("Bitversal Mining Solution"), develop custom AI firmware, invest in hardware, and design infrastructure such as immersion cooling systems. By integrating our technology vertically, we aim to boost efficiency, foster innovation, and streamline our operations.
Renewable Energy:
Whenever possible, we position our Cryptocurrency miners close to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and biofuels. Our goal is to utilize surplus or otherwise unused renewable energy to support the success of renewable projects and to contribute to the stabilization of power grids in the areas where we operate.
Our Executive Team
Steell Oliver Simon Founder of Digital Holdings Group (DHG)
Gordon Mayer CEO of Digital Holdings Group (DHG)
Michael "Mike" Thompson Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Digital Holdings Group (DHG)
Daniel Roberts Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Digital Holdings Group (DHG)
Gordon Mayer
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Professional Experience
Leadership at Digital Holdings Group
Achievements and Contributions
Future Outlook
Environmental Social Governance
We are dedicated to decarbonizing our operations by reducing carbon emissions and ultimately achieving 100% carbon neutrality. While our mining operations generate no direct emissions, we strive to power our cryptocurrency miners using sustainable, non-carbon emitting energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and biofuel.
We support the communities surrounding our mining operations by voluntarily reducing our cryptocurrency mining activities to provide surplus power to essential businesses and infrastructure during emergencies. Additionally, we back Bitcoin developers, builders, and cryptocurrency.
Our company emphasizes transparency and accountability in every aspect of our operations. We take extra measures to ensure our performance is visible and understandable. By operating our own mining pool, we allow anyone to monitor when we win blocks and view our cryptocurrency earnings in real time.
Job Openings
Join our team and help shape the future of cryptocurrency mining. We offer positions ranging from engineering to administrative roles, all supporting our mission of sustainable mining. Email us your resume: [email protected]
Culture and Benefits
Our employees are our greatest asset. We provide a dynamic work environment, competitive salaries, health benefits, and opportunities for professional growth. At Digital Holdings Group, you’ll not only contribute to groundbreaking projects but also join a community committed to innovation and sustainability.